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CindySays aims to enhance the ability of those seeking health to find a personal path through information, individualization, and inspiration.

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Laurie A. Helgoe, Ph.D.
As a psychologist, I know that just telling someone what to do rarely works and that "experts" often only make people feel bad about their own choices. What is so refreshing about Cindy Boggs' approach is that she meets people where they are, acknowledging the realities of their lives and providing suggestions that empower rather than belittle. This style, backed by her extensive experience as a fitness consultant and her commitment to ongoing research, gives busy and often confused people like me the reassurance that we are in good hands. I personally consult with Cindy on fitness concerns, and also refer my clients to her. She is good therapy for the body and the spirit.

Holly J. Mitchell, MPH, CHES
When I think of Cindy, I see her as a community outreach coordinator.She has a can do attitude when it comes to health and community. She is very resourceful and if there is a way, she is determined to make it happen. Being in a fitness guru for many years, as well as a mother, a sister and a friend, she has many insights on how health can become a part of any lifestyle. She empathizes with others and wants to learn all she can to have greater understanding. No one is immune to her contagious attitude of fun and excitement about improving health!

Terry Elkins-Logan High School Teacher
Cindy Boggs has been an inspiration to me for years. Cindy's infectious desire to improve the quality of one's life is admirable. I read and often incorporate her sound and accurate advice offered in her column in the Charleston Gazette. I also had the pleasure of being her doubles partner on a local tennis team. She graciously offered beneficial advice concerning my fitness and exercise levels when asked. I will be using her new web site in my health education classes at Logan High School. She will be a valuable resource for topics that the students research. Finally, Cindy is genuinely interested in the fitness and health levels of all individuals. She imparts knowledge with concern and inspiration. She has a unique way of motivating people without "brow beating" them. She takes their interest and makes it her own. Everyone who meets Cindy can take with them a part of her knowledge and weave it into their existing programs to make it better and more efficient.

Steve Payne - Photographer
I've worked with Cindy several times on numerous projects and she is a total delight! Her passion and knowledge for her mission of health and wellness for all, is obvious in everything that she does. She can meet you at any point on your road to having a better you, and if you meet her, you will certainly be the better for it. I can't recommend her highly enough. My only question is why she's not on national television? We're lucky she's not. We get to have her right here in town!

Mike Kelly Law - Judge at State of West Virginia
Cindy has my complete trust. She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, with great drive and follow through. I would never pass up the chance to work with her.

Laurie Helgoe - Author; Assistant Professor - Davis & Elkins College; Owner, Book It! Literary Consultation Services
Cindy is a dedicated and experienced healthy lifestyles consultant, author of a lively and information-packed book, columnist, speaker, and trustworthy resource on how to be healthy without resorting to extreme--and ultimately UN-healthy measures. Cindy practices what she preaches and is an activist for the health of her community.

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